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Ли Ричард — The Shattered Mask

The Shattered Mask

Автор: Ли Ричард
Название: The Shattered Mask
Оригинальное название: The Shattered Mask
Серия: The Sembia Series
Номер книги в серии: 3
Год: 2001

Аннотация на книгу «The Shattered Mask»:
Shamur Uskevren<br>The matriarch of the Uskevren family swears revenge for the murder of a loved one.<br>Innher anger, she has forgotten one thing: In the world of intrigue andndeception, of shadows and lies that is Sembia, nothing is ever what itnseems. An angry wizard with a lust for power can alter reality andndistort the truth on a whim. When he is bent on treachery, murder, andndestruction, he can shatter an entire world.

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