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Gross Dave — Black Wolf

Black Wolf

Автор: Gross Dave
Название: Black Wolf
Оригинальное название: Black Wolf
Серия: The Sembia Series
Номер книги в серии: 4
Год: 2001

Аннотация на книгу «Black Wolf»:
Talbot Uskevren
The second son of the Uskevren family fights a deadly battle within himself.
Likenmost young men of his station, Talbot spends his days honing hisnswordfighting skills and, unlike the others, practicing the art ofnacting. Now, Talbot will put both of these talents to the test when anrival house comes looking for blood. The only way for Talbot to survivenagainst the Black Brotherhood is to let the inner wolf loose, and thenonly way for him to live in Selgaunt's society is to keep the wolfnchained.

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