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Виктор Милан — War in Tethyr

War in Tethyr

Автор: Виктор Милан
Название: War in Tethyr
Серия: Nobles
Номер книги в серии: 2
ISBN: 978-0786901845

Аннотация на книгу «War in Tethyr»:
\"The Business of War...
Zaranda Star never intended to bring the incessant Tethyrian Civil War to a head. All she wanted to do was take a caravan of goods into the war-torn capital. But then ambitious would-be king, Baron Hardly, confiscated her shipment.
Little did he reckon with Zaranda, retired warrior...and wizard.
Marshaling a motley company of angry peasants, an adolescent mage named Scab, and an orcish paladin, Zaranda declares her own private war.
But Zaranda must reckon with the machinations of the mysterious wizard Nyadnar ... and the unearthly evil that lurks deep within the city of Zazesspur.\"

Книга предоставлена в оригинале на англ. языке.

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